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Contest Judges


    Min Li

    • 1982 - Graduated from China Shanxi University Art Department, professional oil painter.
    • 1983 - Post-graduate degree from Nanjing Arts University. Studied Eastern and Western art under the guidance of Mr. Liu and Mr. Chen Dayu.
    • 1992 - Immigrated to the United States. Settled in Southern California. Established the Impressionist Painting Studio. Engaged in the creation of figures and landscapes. During this period got to know fellow painter Ding Shaoguang and joined the International Artists Association, China.
    • 1994 - International Executive Director of China Artists Association.
    • 1995 - Held solo exhibition in Los Angeles.
    • 1996 - Chairman of the American ChineseArtists Association
    • 2000 - Exhibited limited edition works at the Keliborui Gallery.
    • 2001 - Established www.minlifinearts.com for commercial arts.
    • 2003 - Dean of Torrance branch of US Arts Education Center.
    • 2005 - Special adjudicator for Carson City Art Association.
    • 2008 - Won 1st Prize at the 50th Anniversary Catalina Festival.
    • 2009 - Won 3rd Prize at the Annual Plan Air Painting contest.
    • 2011 - Invited to Shenzhen, China,  for "returning oil painters invitation exhibition."
    • 2012 - Won 1st Prize for painting at TAG; TAC Artists Association Special adjudicator
    • 2012 - Adjunct Professor at the Renmin University School of Art.
    • 2009-2012 - Participate in Denver's" Richard Schmid Auction"
    • 2014 - Adjunct Visiting Professor from China Datong University 


    Lee-Jean Lin

    Lee-Jean Lin is the founder of the Art Experience Studio, and an art enrichment program in Torrance.  She uses art to guide children through the creative process so that they can utilize such tools to empower their own lives. She is the art teacher at the Torrance Chinese School and as well as for onsite middle school programs.  Her psychology background and her life-long passion with art places her in a unique position in children art education. She collaborates with local psychologists to provide art education to children with special needs.

    Her favorite activity is designing art projects that spark the creativity of children as well as meet California Visual Art Standards. Her art projects have been selected by many school districts in the South Bay-Los Angeles area.  More than 45,000 students have benefited from the program.  She also hosts Art Experience Night at local restaurants, a monthly painting and entertainment event for adults to reignite their love for art.

    Her students are frequently winners of various PTA Reflection Contests, and art contests at the national level.  Many of these students are the recipients of scholarship from Ryman Arts, Alpay Memorial Art Education Fund, and other prestigious art colleges. 


    Simon Chen

    Simon Chen is a business owner for exporting recycling material to the Far East countries for 32 years in L.A. and also a teacher of Chinese Calligraphy Art in Torrance Chinese School more than a decade till now. He graduated from Taiwan Ocean & Technical University major in shipping administration and was working for world famous Shipping Lines such as OOCL & Maersk shipping company for 12 years in Taiwan. As to Chinese Calligraphy Art he is more leaning in standard script of Chinese written characters and spent more than 50 years in practicing this traditional Chinese Art  and was awarded several prize during his studentship in Taiwan.